Friday, May 27, 2011


 Lavona thought the picture would be more "realistic" if she was smelling the flowers.

Today we visited with Lavona. She is from southern Arizona. She is the proud mother of four boys and one girl. Her husband has already passed on. While visiting with Lavona she shared some pretty amazing stories. When she was young she picked cotton to earn spending money. She was pretty young, so her older siblings would look out for her. She said that she was paid by the pound and many times she would leave the fields with very raw, scratched up fingers.

She loves to play the organ and piano. When she was still a child she was given the assignment to play church primary songs for the children to sing to. As she continued to grow up she played for the youth and also for the congregation.

Lavona was so appreciative of the beautiful boquet given to her and commented, “My day sure is starting out wonderful!” Thank you for making it possible for us to bring joy to someone's day!


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